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About Presh.

Presh. started when watching my mother fall ill and turn to reducing the toxins she was putting in to her body as a way of healing. With a wealth of knowledge having studied Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, it lit a fire within me and i knew I wanted to continue to learn and follow on from what she loved so much.

My research and formulation started in our family home mixing up formulas, joining forums and staying up with my newborn until all hours of the morning researching. I soon realized this was a forever thing and my true passion. In 2019 I took the leap and brought this baby to life. Presh. is all me, formulated and packed in house.

The story behind the brand and our ethics are simple - a love for all things wellness, a desire to help others and a passion for holistic beauty. With nothing but nourishing and healing ingredients without the fillers - no bullshit.

Our promise is to have a range of products using only the highest quality Organic and Natural ingredients and to be completely transparent in exactly what is going into your body.

Big love, Lauren x